Ready to Blow Your Mind?

**BUT FIRST… Check out our latest articles on The Huffington Post. And see our latest press in The Akronist @ all this brain surgery stuff /meditation. Note: Just Be Studio in Hudson will close Fri, March 31 but me, Penny and Allison will all keep doing our healing work but no longer “together” physically, and Just Be will just be me. More info to come…



What we do is literally brain-exploding stuff. We take all of the studies/science via meditation/mindfulness/Reiki/Bowen to help individuals create unfathomable lifestyle changes, to create communities of emotionally intelligent people and to foster dynamic authenticity and compassion throughout our city of Akron and beyond. Watch some of our amazing success stories now.

Meditation/mindfulness specifically not only reduce the brain’s aging process but also alter brain wave patternsincrease gray matter and have been proven to alter genetic structure.

13300786-human-brain-3d-model-isolatedThey are the bomb with stress management, assisting with medical challenges (ie: high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s) and on an emotional scale increasing sense of purposehappinessempathy, compassion and rival medication in the treatment of depression. And, they assists with body image concepts from losing weight to eating disorders.

In business they enhance social/emotional intelligenceincrease profitsenhance leadership, increases productivity and adaptability. In schools they heighten test scores, help with learning disabilities, increases focus (in the classroom and in sports) and decrease behavioral issues.

Crazy, right?!

Just Be also offers with Reiki Division Manager, Penny Pickrell, RMT, Reiki Certifications/classes/sessions. As well as Bowen sessions and Limbic Stress Analysis with Allison Williams, ACBT, HHP & Holistic Practitioner. Each of these practices can also be brought to a business setting.

Why would you not want all of this for yourself, your family, schools, business and your community!?


We offer: (1) Corporate presentations/speaking engagements/wellness programs/classes for organizations, businesses and schools to reduce stress, enhance learning, behavior, focus, team work, etc. (2) Specific training/seminars on any mindfulness/meditation topic (emotional intelligence, aging, addiction, depression, chronic pain, weight loss… for kids, teens, families and individuals). (3) Introductory/weekly meditation classes for more in-depth and one-on-one instruction showcasing the benefits of meditation for mind/body/spirit. (4) Private sessions in Bowen/Limbic/Reiki. (5) Classes in Reiki as well as Certifications. (6) Retreats. (7) An array of classes with other teachers/topics. (We should mention that we have a bunch of products as well ranging from t-shirts, to books to sage.)


Just Be_Goodyear people smallJust Be was started in 2006 by Eden Koz who has been a passionate practitioner of all things meditation/mindfulness since the year 2000. Her initial six-year training was with psychologist Dr. Neala Peake. She is an ongoing contributor on The Huffington Post as well as a Reiki Master. From her former 15 year corporate life as an advertising Vice President and Creative Director in Atlanta, GA, she now shares her work as a mother, speaker and teacher (full bio here).


All of our offerings hold no bias to age, health, background or religion. If you have the desire, you will not only enhance your physical and emotional self but you will see the trickle down effect that enhances everyone around you. This is not just a state of being but a state of living. Living life with calmness, authenticity, zest, humor, clarity, empathy and caring.

Come discover the peace in the quiet and just be…