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Just Be Meditation Empowers You

What we do is literally life changing stuff. It alters your brain, body, mindset, leadership ability, parenting ability… not to mention your soul! Ooo, this is rich. Just Be Meditation takes all of the science and intuition behind meditation/mindfulness and guide individuals to garner unfathomable lifestyle changes, to create communities of emotionally intelligent people and to foster dynamic authenticity and compassion throughout our city of Akron and beyond. Watch some of our success stories here.

Meditation/mindfulness not only reduces the brain’s aging process but also alters brain wave patterns...

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Eden Koz (Kozlowski), Founder

Simply put… I am a strong woman (grrr) with an unbridled passion for meditation and mindfulness. I use it primarily, along with other tools, to guide people of all ages and challenges to connect really to everything in life… their body, spirit, work, family and community. And, I desire to grow this already existing tribe of Just Be’ers ~ like-minded warriors bent on living with heart and authenticity.

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Press About Us:

Podcast (Eden Koz: The Jouney to Just Be) for The Way In with Timo Way.


Press We Have Made:

sona-mehring smallAs she now retires, hear our interview with Sona Mehring, CEO & Founder of, a website dedicated to bridging communication when health challenges arise. Sona was named one of 2011’s “Most Influential Women in Technology” by Fast Company.

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It Gets Real (Year Anniversary)

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